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Slow fashion

Slow fashion

By Monika Solinska
Owner and Creative Director of MiiTU

An old-fashioned way of going about fashion

There is a new take on an old trend that’s leaving its mark on our lives. It does not resemble other trends that tend to come and go with the passing of seasons. It’s called slow fashion – it’s taking over and it’s here to stay! Conceived in a small town in Alabama in 2006, it started out as a concept of connecting with the clothes we wear. The trend encourages conscious choices of clothing that support one’s lifestyle rather than seasonal buying, which leads to unnecessary disposal of clothes every time fashion changes.

The slow fashion movement has become an unlikely sensation in this fast-paced world and it doesn’t show any signs of fading into something else or giving way to a new craze. In this instance, we can only speculate that, collectively, we are on to something bigger than just a seasonal fad. It might as well turn out that we’ve reached a new wave of awareness that is changing how we view pretty much everything.

Slow living brings about conscious thought into all areas of life, including fashion. Hence, as times are rapidly changing, we believe that now is the time to become aware not only of what we eat, what we say, what we do, but also of what we wear. ‘Awearness’, as we call it, has become a fashion statement of sortsthis is the time to make simple, holistic and healthy choices fashionable again, resurrecting the good old-fashioned ways of going about life.

As much as we would love to get all the praise for these new ways of living, our generation sadly wasn’t the one to come up with new, ingenious ideas in this regard. All credit goes to our grandparents, for whom slow living was the norm. Although they lived this way without knowing any better, their ways had innocence and beauty to them, which we’re all waking up to again just now. The wisdom of days gone by is finally getting the recognition it deserves. We are consciously choosing elevated ways of living, aware of the consequences of abusing the planet and disrespecting a valuable workforce in the fashion industry. By learning from our mistakes, we are bringing back solutions that have worked before and marrying them with a new type of consciousness. 

Recently, we have made the effort to try doing things differently. As expected, some of those ideas worked, some didn’t. This new type of wisdom is a wisdom of discernment. Based on a new type of awareness, we are now deciding what comes with us into the future we are building and what can be discarded without feeling much guilt. We’ve become slow fashion advocates. We keep moving forward hoping that what we’re doing now can help create a life of harmony with Nature, where we take into account others as well as take care of ourselves – a potential rare situation, in which everybody wins. Hopefully, this may just become a new way of how we go about life.

This not-so-silent revolution in the fashion world shines light on the truth behind changing trends and production resources involved in crafting our clothes. We are now aware of how garments are made and who they are made by. The very information that wasn’t available to us before gives us choice and we now know that every time we buy a piece of clothing, we take a vote on how we want to treat our planet and what values we are supporting by encouraging the process that created it. All in all, in an era of easily accessible knowledge of the good, the bad, and the ugly, there is no excuse for not knowing how things are made, and staying informed is an absolute must. Awareness in all areas of life is very much a wise approach and seems to be the way we want to be these days.

We’re clearly coming back to our senses. More and more people want to live consciously and our seemingly small daily selection of choices is bringing about positive changes to the world at large. That simple shift of perception is already creating a tangible change, which in turn is having a massive impact on forming our unmistakably bright future.

With this new approach to our dress sense, we are simply bringing back a healthy amount of common sense. Clothes get recycled, repaired and sometimes repurposed, and when a decision has to be made regarding a new purchase, we are invited to choose wisely and to support transparent companies that work with integrity and sensitivity to new sensibilities.