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Linen is the new black?

How about the original black! We’ve seen more natural materials in the fashion industry in past decades, and here’s why going back to the basics is just what mother nature ordered. Historians place linen in use as long as 36,000 years ago. Though due to its high production cost of cultivating flax and the challenging nature of producing linen it was...

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slowly sew over the fabrick folds

18 Mind-blowing statistics that will make you want to switch to slow fashion and become a conscious consume

Air-drying your clothes just six months a year could save 700 pounds of CO2. Wearing your clothing 50 times instead of 5 (the fast fashion average) reduces carbon emissions by 400% per item per year. Synthetic fabrics like Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, Rayon, etc. are not biodegradable. It takes them 20-200 years to decompose. Choose natural eco-friendly fabrics! It takes...

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miitu clothes 2

3 Old fashioned ways to an everlasting wardrobe

“Care for your clothes, like the good friends they are” - Joan Crawford Fast fashion has introduced us to the idea that clothing is disposable. Ever-changing trends made clothes useless just a few months into a season. Only recently have we been enlightened with the knowledge that tonnes of clothes are ending up in landfills every year while the fashion industry keeps...

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product miitu linen

5 Simple ways to introduce slow fashion into your wardrobe

By Monika Solinska Owner and Creative Director of miitu Make it a commitment to introduce slowness into your life whenever and wherever possible. Applying it to a wardrobe doesn’t need to be challenging. This might be stating the obvious, but do take it slow ;) The process is meant to be organic and satisfying. Here are some useful tips for an easy...

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miitu linen products

Slow fashion

By Monika Solinska Owner and Creative Director of MiiTU An old-fashioned way of going about fashion There is a new take on an old trend that’s leaving its mark on our lives. It does not resemble other trends that tend to come and go with the passing of seasons. It’s called slow fashion – it’s taking over and it’s here to stay! Conceived...

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linen clothes in the atelier


Somebody, just pinch me!!!! We are extremely excited to be able to display our entire summer collection at the exclusive members-only club, Grace Belgravia! This sweet little atelier will be our home for the next six weeks. I must say, this is verging on the unreal, and I'm so proud this simple line will be shown in such a beautiful place...

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long linen white dress 8


PROUD AND EXCITED!   This is how it feels to realise that something that once was just an idea in your head is now a tangible experience, which materialised over less than 6 months! That ever so unpredictable period marked a difficult yet extremely special chapter in my life. In the space of no time, we made a dream tangible reality, and...

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