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Our Story


“Then, she began to breathe, and live, and every moment took her to a place where goodbyes were hard to come by. She was in love, but not in love with someone or something, she was in love with her life. And for the first time, in a long time, everything was inspiring.”

– R.M. Drake

women in dress

My name is MONIKA SKRZYDLEWSKA. I’m a dreamer and a creative doer, a love ambassador and a holistic life seeker, a soulpreneur on a mission to become a part of today’s conscious wave of change, joining with the efforts of many individuals to create much sought-after heaven on earth.

My soul mission is to inspire and empower others through my own journey, honouring the callings of my heart, making sure that what I do serves not only people, but also the planet. I have been a psychosomatic therapist, an intuitive and a healer for quite a while now. Conscious conversations with those who came to seek help led to an understanding that the inherent power to heal our bodies has been overridden by business of today and getting on the fast road away from Nature.

That realisation was the very beginning and a preparation for the next step in my life, setting me on a humbling and exciting road of reconnecting with mama Nature and seeking beautifully simple ways of living, where we can finally claim back our powerful Selves. The linen love is one of those ways and it has become a sweet little something I want to share with the world.


It all began with a spark of inspiration…


For years my childhood nickname, miitu, was just a name waiting for the right business of an unknown character to fit the bill. Meaning “sweetheart” in one of the Hindu dialects, miitu definitely resonated with love at its very core. Patiently waiting for the right idea to come along I have nurtured my creativity so it could mature and give fruits in its own time, and that time has finally come.

Sunday afternoon tea with my mama. As we sip a fresh brew of English delight, we chat as we usually do… ‘Everything and nothing’ is our topic. As per old tradition in our family, we dream of what’s possible by looking through stacks of home and garden magazines, soaking in colourful pictures, reading out loud inspirational articles, searching for new recipes and knowing exactly what it would be like in our dream homes and gardens. In the appreciation of the moment and an endless time of vivid dreaming, there was magic in the making.

Hours went by without notice… The blissful dreaming got somewhat interrupted by an interesting article I stumbled across: “The Healing Power of Linen”. In one unexpected second a spark of mad enthusiasm shot through my body, as in that moment in time a very unlikely marriage took place – a marriage between two of my biggest passions, one for healing and the other one for fashion with a difference. In a split second I knew THAT was my chance for creativity, fun and sharing a little something with the world.

With one visionary phone call I got on board my dear friend and a skilful master in clothing making, GABRIELA DURAJ. Without her my idea would still be only an idea. Gaba agreed to get on this crazy roller coaster of a journey with no hesitation, oblivious to the challenges ahead. I guess when the heart talks with that uncanny enthusiasm, no one dares to question its reasons. As in any good story, we had just the right mixture of setbacks, which later on turned out to be perfect redirections and the triumphs gently crowning our efforts we took in the unknown territory of fashion, product making, and the birth of a new brand with a big aspiration to create a change in the world. The world where one is invited to live a simple yet elevated life in harmony with Nature, a platform where what you wear has a magical impact on who you become. Big words, but as such for a reason.


We hope that who we are is tangibly felt in what we do and how we do things. We follow the values we hold close to our hearts so that we are constantly reminded how to be.

Born out of passion and made with love, miitu is our work of heart. Our signature – embroided red heart favicon_heart_miitu – is a little reminder of love being the only valuable currency in the world. Each and every product holds this pure energy, sending out to the world the seeds of what holds the greatest significance in all we do and in all we are.

Holding space for who we are while we are creating every single piece of this wearable simplicity, makes what we do sacred.. the energy you will hopefully feel every time you wear our label of love.

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If only we were to love what we do, it would be enough. And so we love, and everything else comes as an extra on our way to meet the ordinary… Magic is in the making!

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With joy everything is effortless. Therefore, it is our mission to employ it daily so the work we do doesn’t feel like work, but more as an adventure of sort. It works 😉

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There is something very beautiful in simple things. This much forgotten value is slowly coming back to our lives to bring out the true depth of living… Humbling to say the least.

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Not the quantity but the quality is of interest to us. The slow life we are after holds the quality in everything including our finished product in the high regard.

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It is a relatively new notion to know the fabric of your garment, hence all we do is highlight what is fascinating about linen so you too become aweare and choose what’s best for you

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Our work wouldn’t be the same without offering a service, which brings a value to your life. We share with you everything we know about linen so your life, too, can be enhanced.