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3 Old fashioned ways to an everlasting wardrobe

3 Old fashioned ways to an everlasting wardrobe

“Care for your clothes, like the good friends they are” – Joan Crawford

Fast fashion has introduced us to the idea that clothing is disposable. Ever-changing trends made clothes useless just a few months into a season. Only recently have we been enlightened with the knowledge that tonnes of clothes are ending up in landfills every year while the fashion industry keeps producing new items of short lived fashion wonders for the well-trained, always hungry market. Knowing this inconvenient truth, the responsibility now lies solely on our shoulders to reinvent our relationship with the clothes we wear and start learning the true value of the clothes we own.

Taking a leaf from our Grandparents book on tender loving clothing care, we are capable of making all the difference.



    In the old days, when something got broken, you had to find a way to fix it. Things were hard to come by, so throwing them away was seen as almost a sacrilege. You just never did it. Instead, you brought things to life that would otherwise have been easier to throw away. The old skill of sewing can completely revolutionise your life.


    When an item of clothing happens to be beyond repair, there is always another life you can give it simply by reinventing its purpose. Even an old and torn T-shirt can become a very useful set of all-purpose cleaning wipes. Practical intelligence in this case helps, but is definitely not required.


    It’s something that may bring you more fun than you expect. We get bored quickly, wearing the same old, same old, but you can make a completely different-looking garment just by getting a little bit creative with how you wear certain things and what you wear them with. Sometimes it all comes down to thinking outside the box. But rest assured that the most ingenious inventions come out as a result of some unconventional methods.

Sooner rather than later you will find yourself in a completely new paradigm of drastically different thinking, one in which you start valuing absolutely everything in your life. It’s the side effect to slow living – priceless!